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If I post my videos on YouTube™, is it good?


Video content could be the best content you can post on social media right now. Certainly there are many sites, including Facebook™, whose algorithms heavily favor video content. And in the case of Facebook™, even offer live streaming capabilities. And there is no doubt that video content is very eyecatching. And eyecatching is important, whether on social media, websites, or ads.


There is so much noise out there today; we are all so overexposed to constant bombardment by companies vying for our attention, that it has definitely become harder to stand out from the crowd. And standing out from the crowd is absolutely the goal. How else do you get someone to pay attention to what you are posting versus what anyone else, including your competitors, is posting.


Video Content Is Good


Therefore video content is really good, whether a 6-12 seond video created via Vine or cellphone to a 3-minute or longer video that might be a how-to, a testimonial, or a commercial for why you should buy my product. And the tools available for creating video content easily without expensive ideo equipment offer great choices.  


Some of My Favorite Tools


Here are a few of my favorite easy-to-use video tools:


 1.    A Selfie taken with your cell phone.  

•Doesn’t Need To Be Long – 20-30 seconds is fine

•Do Not Need To Hire A Videographer

•Adds Your Personality As A Dimension To Your Posts

•Provides Sincerity - Remember, People Buy From People  

•Great For Testimonials


2.    Powerpoint - yep, I am not kidding

•Take Points From A Blog Article and Create 3-4 slides (with great images)

•Decide How Long to spend on each slide and set transitions

•Export (Save As) an MP4 and embed in your website

3.    Powtoon - create cartoon animations and create a video

•Free version with ads - Paid verison for no ads

•They provide templates to get you started.

•Very easy to use - record your voice recording first

•Then create the slides and animations to match your voice


4.    GoAnimate

•They give you characters and whatever you type, the characters will say

•You can download the video and then upload it to where ever you want.

•Can try it out but it is not free to use


5.    VideoScribe - white board video tool in 5 steps

•First add your images and text

•Then set your animation times

•Next record or import voiceover

•And your video is ready to go


6.    Hangouts

•Make a live recording - It’s Free

•Combination of you on camera plus sharing what is on your screen

•Automatically records and shares to YouTube


Is it a Good Idea To Post My Video On YouTube™?


Which brings us back to the original question: Is it a good idea to post a video on YouTube™. And the answer is, YES, OF COURSE. YouTube™ is owned by Google™, so, if for no other reason than this, it is a very good idea to post your video on YouTube™.


The further advantage posting your video on YouTube™ brings is the potential for a huge audience to find it and see it. Just be sure you have appropriate branding, and a link back to your website, at the minimum.


Which brings us to the real question here. The question is not should you post your video on YouTube™ but rather the question is, when it is on YouTube, should this be the link you post out to on social media profiles, pages, and groups. And the answer here is A VERY LOUD NO!!!!


Remembering that the goal of using social media for business is to drive people back to your website, you want to post your video on your website and use that link to post to social media. Therefore, people come back to your website to watch your video, rather than YouTube? And while on your website, they can find out all about your business.


But, What’s Wrong with YouTube™?

Nothing. Except, have you ever noticed when you watch a video on YouTube™, regardless of whatever the subject is, that YouTube™ always prompts you to look at more videos on the same subject. “Hey, here’s 500 more funny cat videos.” so rather than driving traffic to your website, if someone does watch your video on YouTube™, they are immediately lured to 500 other companies and brands with videos on the same topic. Really? Is this what you want?


So, yes, post your video on YouTube™. People will see it there. You have potential visibility by people on YouTube who otherwise have never heard of your business - that’s the good news. But, also post it directly on your website and use that website page link to post the content to social media.

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Please let me know your thoughts and if you have questions you’d like to see addressed in this series of articles, please feel free to email me at


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