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Pinterest? Really? Isn’t Pinterest Only For Crafting and Fashion?

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Pinterest is such a no-brainer and easy site to use that it is unusual for me to not recommend to my clients that they have a presence on Pinterest and post there. If you are already posting other places, like Facebook as an example, it takes just 5 minutes more to add the same post to Pinterest, so why not?


Actually pinterest is a much-overlooked and maligned social media platform. People have the impression that it is frivolous, used mainly for crafting and fashion. And this was the case when Pinterest first started. But not any more.

The Pinterest Advantage

    1.    Pinterest is a visual site.  So, if your business lends itself well to images, then Pinterest is a good place to post them.



    2.    About 70% of the Pinterest users are women, and they are on Pinterest more than once a week. Now I am trying to figure out the politically-correct way of saying this, but let’s face it; women drive the majority of buying decisions, with the operative word being “drive”.


  • If you are a realtor, women are the ones who browse the web looking for houses to go see.


  • If you are a locksmith, women are the ones who push to install a security system or keyless entry system to the house. Even if you are looking for a security system for your business, it might be your secretary/ office assistant that finds the locksmith you should talk to, and even books the appointment for you.


  • If you sell decor type items, or health food products or services, or even a business service like reputation management for acquiring great reviews, anything to make their lives, and their family’s lives better, even indirectly through improving a business, women pay attention. Women want to make everyone’s life wonderful. It’s our innate nurturing nature.

  • Women are more likely, as statistics prove, to share items of interest with others. They pay more attention to conversation and passing comments (it’s genetic). So if a neighbor or co-worker mentions they want a keyless entry system, they a a woman, are way more likely to share your post with that person, even though they personally do not have a need at the moment.

So posting in a place where women visit can get your foot in the door, even if ultimately, 

the decision-maker is a man.

    3.     Pinterest provides an audience that you might not have access to on any other social media platform. In a lot of instances, it is the fashions and recipes that initially attracts users, but once they get here, they will pay attention all kinds of interesting and varied images and posts.


So, if you are posting content of value (blog articles) that your potential customers might be interested in, you already have a great image that captures attention, right? So how hard is it to post it on Pinterest? You already have the image and link you need. Go for it! 

There you have it. Posting on Pinterest, regardless of the business you are in, is a great idea. If you need help specifically on how to do this, email me at Or attend one of the live workshops I give on Pinterest. You can find the schedule here:


This article is the 15th in a series of articles on common questions people ask me about social media, websites, and online visibility. To see summaries of all of them, and to reach those you are interested in, click here

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