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VIDEO: 5 Simple Steps To Increase Your Website Online Visibility

The percentage of people that search online for a product or service they want, from a local cup of coffee, to a plumber, to a car, either through their computers or more and more, their cell phones, any company that does not put some effort into being found online is being foolish. 


The video above takes you through step-by-step on how to Increase Your Online Visibility and get Your Business Found Online.

Here it is below, in written form... something for everyone...


5 tips to help you get found online, without requiring you to become a techno-whiz or spend all of your own time online.


1)    INCREASE THE CHANCES OF BEING FOUND FOR YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Make a list of your top products and/or services you provide. You must get into the heads of your customers to do this… the idea is to make a list of the types of searches they might do, where you want your business to come up high in the results.  


As an example, if my business is a car repair in Murrieta, my list would include brake repair in Murrieta, car heater repair in Murrieta, smog test in Murrieta, etc. You get the idea. If your business is one that pulls largely from a local area, then, include the city; otherwise do not.  


Once you have this list, you must add an individual page to your website for each one of these search phrases, describing the product/service, etc. The page should be 400 words minimum, repeat the keyword search phrase at least 3 times in the body of the text, and include at least one image on the page. This is to let google and the rest of the search engines know that you have relevant content for this search phrase, and our business is relevant to the search.


2)    MAKE IT EASY FOR THE SEARCH ENGINES: Make sure the individual pages on your website have accurate names and descriptions that reflect the individual content of the page.


3)    STAY TOP OF MIND: Keep your website fresh. Ideally, you should add some new content to your website once week. This can be a new page, a new image, a new review, something. If you do not add new content, the web crawlers begin to ignore your site. Even the best site will then start falling in the ranking (what page it appears on in search results) if it becomes stale, meaning no new content is added.


4)    ADDITIONAL PLACES TO BE LISTED: List your business on the top directories. This includes Yelp,, Bing, Google Places, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yellow Pages, etc. This is kind of a redundant task. But the good news is that for most of them, you only need to do it once. And this helps you have multiple opportunities beyond your website to be found for your products and services.


Two key tips to doing this correctly: Be sure your listings are completely consistent; if you spell out street in one listing, then spell it out everywhere (do not abbreviate “st.” sometimes).  The key is consistency throughout all of your various listings. The second tip is to use all of the space each of the individual listings provides. Do not get lazy. List all of your products and services you can in the space provided; upload as many pictures, as possible, etc.


5)    BE MOBILE SEARCH FRIENDLY: Be sure you have a mobile-optimized website. Most websites today are automatically responsive, meaning they will automatically adjust for whatever device is being used, laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, etc. If your isn’t, then run, run, run to get a new site.  


However even those that are responsive may not present your business to it’s best advantage when viewed via cellphone. The easiest way to check this is to search for your business via your cell and see how it looks and how easy is it to navigate. 


Dudamobille has a free and also a low cost option that will let you drag and drop options (so no tech knowledge required) to rearrange how your website is presented on a mobile phone.


Final last words. Don’t panic. Take your time and tackle one step at a time. Taking several weeks to accomplish all 5 still puts you way ahead of the game than if you had done nothing.  


Two words of caution: Do not pony up to one of those firms that promises to get you on page 1 of search results. The search engines change the rules all the time, and you will end up paying through the nose forever. And do not pony up for a service that promises to create your directory listings for you. Likewise, you will end up paying them forever, and if you decide to stop, you will not have access to the listings they created nor will you be able to change or remove them or even claim your own business without it getting pretty ugly.


If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me at


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