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Can I just use my logo online rather than a headshot?


Just as sometimes my clients are loathe to use social media because they feel their privacy will be somehow violated, or infringed upon, I often run into clients who do not want a personal head shot posted on their social media platforms, or in their website About Us page.  


They say “Can I just use my logo in my profiles, rather than my personal picture?” After all, I am using this for business.” “I am a private person.” And besides, “I take terrible pictures.” (Who doesn’t?)

The quick answer is NO!!!  


Here is why. Bottom line, people still buy from people. You might think that doing it all online using a computer or phone, makes it all automated and impersonal. But, it doesn’t. People still want to know who you are, who is the face behind the business. Who is the person behind the business. They want to know you! They want to buy from you personally, not some anonymous company.



People Buy From People


People still buy from people they like, know, and trust. You have heard this before, and this has not changed. What has changed is that they might judge who you are from your online persona. So, your online persona is really important and should reflect who you are, your values, and how you do business. It should convey why I, as a potential customer, would want to do business with you.


And your online persona needs to make your customers feel like there is a real person behind the business. A face they can recognize and associate with the business is a must for maximum success. Think about Walt Disney, or Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, or even Colonel Sanders. These people make the companies desireable to do business with.


The further advantage to using a personal headshot (and the same headshot everywhere) is that it brings recognition. If the same photo of you is on your website, your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, etc., you become recognizable and familiar. If I see your face often enough, I feel like I know you, and this helps me feel comfortable in doing business with you.


There Is A Real Person Who Cares


And it also makes me feel secure that if there is some sort of a problem or issue, there is a real live breathing person who will care and help me. There is a living breathing human, not a faceless, nameless, automated organization.


What about face-to-face encounters? If I meet up with you at a networking event, as an example, a real face-to-face encounter, my mind will say, “I know that person. Who are they?” And I will probably remember the company your face is associated with.  


So, I will feel comfortable chatting with you, because I feel like I have already been introduced to you online. This is much better than appearing as a total stranger. You are way more approachable. So, unless you are Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts and do not want to be recognized and approached, this is definitely a good thing for your business.


So to wrap things up, your headshot is key to your online presence and business success. It is a big step toward brand recognition. So make smiling consistent headshot of you part of your online branding.

This is the 6th article in this Questions Series of articles where I answer the most commonly asked questions I get from customers and workshop attendees.  


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Please let me know your thoughts and if you have questions you’d like to see addressed in this series of articles, please feel free to email me at


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