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OK. I Posted A Blog Article; How Come My Business Hasn’t Grown?


This is the 4th article in the Questions Series, where I am answering questions I get from my clients. I figure if they want to know, you must want to know as well.  


This article is about establishing relationships and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. And in short, one article does not an expert make.


In case you are interested, the first 3 articles already published are:


Why Blog?


Let’s go back to basics for a minute and talk about why you are blogging in the first place. There are usually two key reasons:


    1) To drive people (traffic) back to your website, so you gain business exposure and new people     find out about you and your business.

    2) To establish yourself as an expert in your field. To make you and your business synonymous     with expertise in your field. To make it so that when people need your services or products, your     business is top of mind and the expert in the field to reach out to. 


One Article And You’re An Expert?


The first time you write a blog article, publish on your website, and post links to it on social media, you are beginning the process of gaining visibility. Your blog article content is content your potential clients are interested in. It is information they want and need. It is about subjects they think about, wonder about, and maybe even worry about.


When people see your article post, they will click and read, and take some notice. So, your website traffic should increase because people will be coming to your site to read the article. And if you are doing it right, there is a call to action on your article page; perhaps asking people to opt in to your blog, or opt in to your newsletter, or opt in for a free consult.


Not many of them will take this option the first time they come. They are feeling you out. They appreciate your article, and notice it. If you are really lucky, they might like it, or comment on it, or share it.  


As You Continue To Blog


However, as you continue to consistently blog, providing great information of value and benefit to your potential clients, they will opt in, they will share, and by doing this, they will also increase your visibility, and your credibility. And as an added bonus, because your blog article takes them to your website to read it, they will become familiar with what else is there, what you do, and why they should do business with you.


And, your business name will be top of mind when they need your products and services.


Continuity Is Key


As you continue to blog, continue to post great content, you establish not only expertise, but also trust. People will come to trust you and your business and the information you provide. And this trust rolls over into their feeling about doing business with you, and your product and services. 


In addition, your readership should consistently grow, which translates to visits to your website will continue to grow. Install Google Analytics, and watch your page visits, which topics are most popular and where the visitors come from. Did I mention that visits to your websites from outside sources, like social media, increase your online visibility and SEO in general? All a good thing.


As A Final Take-Away


Do more of what is working, less of what is not. And be consistent. Consistency is what your clients like to see, what they value, who they want to do business with. Consistency and persistence win.


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