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I Don’t Need A Website; I’ll Just Use Facebook


I Don’t Need A Website; I’ll Just Use Facebook. I have heard this phrase so often now, that it just makes me want to scream. “What’s wrong with you? Really? Are you an idiot?  


And then when I calm down, I just say to myself; “It’s Okay. It’s only because she doesn’t know any better.”


So, I decided it was a good idea, rather than just speak with one person about this, that it might be better write an article about it. And as a matter of fact, to write a series of articles about the questions I commonly get, or the misconceptions people have regarding “the internet”, online visibility and social media.


Relying On Social Media


The Good about Social Media:


So, what exactly is so wrong with just relying on social media, like Facebook? I mean, Facebook allows you to create a business page, post ads, gather followers, communicate with people who like your brand, and even sell directly from your Facebook page. Looks like a good deal.  


And, don’t get me wrong, it is. Any avenue, pretty much, that let’s you talk about your business, your brand, your products and services, and why you are the best at what you do, all at no charge, where hundreds, and potentially thousands of people will see it cannot be bad.


And even the paid-for ads are really inexpensive, compared to any other form of advertising. So what’s my problem?


The Bad about Social Media:


In a nutshell, the “problem” is that you don’t own social media. You have no control over what Facebook, as an example ( I am not particularly picking on Facebook; it’s just that with the most users, many people use Facebook) let’s you do or decides that you cannot do or see.  


The rules for using social media change all the time. And the algorithms the social media platforms and search platforms use change all the time as well. And the changes impact you, and you have no control over them.  


So, one day, your posts are visible to all of your followers, and the next day they are not, as an example. And to get them visible, you must pay. Or one day, you can get recommendations and testimonials and post them, and the net you can’t. Or, a person posts a negative false testimonial, and you can do nothing about it.


Your Website, On The Other Hand


On the other hand, if you have a website, you own it! No one can take it away from you. No one can tell you what you can or cannot post. And no one keeps anyone from seeing everything you post on your website. The real estate is yours!


Everything you post on your website is under your full control as far as who can see it, how long it stays there, what it is, what you offer, how much text you include with an image etc.


Further, on your website, you can post as much as you want about your individual products and services, about your company, about your value, benefit, and differences. And you control how visible it remains. No worrying that you post something and an hour later, or day, or week later, it so far down the list, no one sees it.


And guess what, you can ask as many people as you want to look at your site, you can send messages to as many people as you want.


So Then, What About Social Media?


Absolutely use social media, to the fullest extent that you can. But, drive people back to your website. Post ads for coupons and sales; but have people click on a link you post on social media, and go back to your website to grab the offer. Collect names and email addresses so you can communicate with them off of social media as an additional method.


This then mean no matter what rules change on social media, you can still reach people, still sell to them, still provide information of value, still communicate, form a relationship, and et them get to know you.


The Final Word:


So the final advice is:  Use social media to the fullest extent, but be sure you have a website, and be sure you drive traffic to that website through social media, and collect contact information. Be smart!


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