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Part 3 Mastering LinkedIn™ For Business Standout Profile is Key


In the past 2 weeks, in Part 1, we discussed why it is important to optimize your LinkedIn™ profile and we began the process. Then in Part 2, we concentrated on your profile Summary section and how to grab attention.


Today, we are going to focus on the remaining sections of your LinkedIn™ profile and the remaining steps necessary to put your best business foot forward.


Step 4:  Amp Up The Remaining Sections of your Linkedin™ profile.

    1)    Add Interesting Attachments.  At the bottom of your profile, there is an area that allows you to upload additional informational attachments. Definitely do this:  

  • Make a short introductory video

  • Add link to a group of reports you provide

  • Or interesting photos – anything to add more interest to your profile.

2)     Manage Your Skills and Endorsements Section. You are in charge of this section. So add the skills that you want listed as skills you have that are important to your business- remember your         keyword phrases here. You can add and delete skills at will, and also change the order they are shown in. 


        How?  LinkedIn™ orders them by the number of endorsements, so if you want certain skills to be at the top of the list, then delete the endorsements from the skills that you want lower down on  the list (or remove that skill entirely). Incidentally, people who have endorsed you will never know if you delete their endorsement or if you don’t accept it in the first place. And yes, people can still         add in things you don’t have listed, but you can delete them or not accept them too.


3)     Recommendations:  Recommendations provide that social proof that others think doing business with you is a good idea. So recommendations are great, but it requires work on the part of the people who give them to you - so once again, making it easy for them to do so is the key.  


        So, how do you get them?  Giving recommendations is a great way of getting them. People often reciprocate. The second way is to ask for them. Once again, either way, make it easy for people to recommend you. So message them and:


  • Give them hints on what they might recommend you for

  • Helping them is good because it gives them ideas.

  • Sometimes when you ask people to write, they freeze

  • Mention the skills you want highlighted

  • Remind them of “wins” you helped them achieve  


Now, go finish completing your profile and next week, we will discuss connecting in Part 4. Of course, if you have questions, please feel free to email me at


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