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Part 2 Mastering LinkedIn™ For Business 

A Killer Summary Is Key


Last week, in Part 1, we discussed why it is important to optimize your LinkedIn™ profile and we began the process.  


Today, we are going to focus on the Summary section of your LinkedIn™ profile. This section is the second most important section of your profile, with your headline, as we discussed in Part 1, being the first.


To recap, when people search on LinkedIn™ , the search results will show your image and headline, and then a snippet from your current job listing, and then a snippet from your summary. 


It is your image and headline that stand out in the list and that people scan down through to determine on which profiles to click on to read more to see if you are the right person. In the example below I searched for San Diego marketing coach - so the results provided bold the search terms in the profile…. But note that what you immediately notice are the headshot and the headline (title line).

Once a potential client does a search, and your headshot and headline are enough to grab their attention momentarily, they will click and be taken to your profile. So, what section is immediately below the profile? Your summary.  


In that summary, you have 5 to 8 seconds to grab their attention. Otherwise, they will back arrow and go to the next person in their search results list. So, optimizing your profile to grab their attention further and make them stay is key.


Step 3: Optimizing Your Profile Summary


As mentioned in Part 1 , you will need to repeat your keyword phrases in your summary. Here are some further tips to writing a killer summary.


At the very top of your summary, there are 3 things you will start with:


1)    The same set of phrases you used in your headline (yellow highlight below)

2)    A question that identifies a big need your potential clients have that you provide a solution for (pink highlight below)

3)    A brief value benefit statement that clearly states how you help your clients. (blue highlight below). 


Here is an example from my summary:


Make It Easy For People


Next, since you only have 5 to 8 seconds to grab attention, make it easy for people. This means make it easy for people to know who your potential clients are.. so they can identify with the client group, or eliminate themselves from that client group.


At the top of your summary, immediately under 1,2,and 3 from above, say something like “ I work with: “ and then list, in large characters, so they stand out, the types (categories) of clients you work with. And then the benefit/value you bring to each of these clients. In this way, a potential client can quickly scan down your profile, see the large characters - and decide do I fit in with one of these groups or not… If I do, then I will say say to myself “oh look, he works with people just like me”... 


Now you have my attention and I will read the 2-3 sentences you have describing the value you bring to people like me. Take a look at the example from my profile below:


Final summary tips:  


  • Use all of the characters LinkedIn™ allows for in the summary to describe your business and services. They will tell you when you have gone over the limit.


  • Always write in the first person, as if you were talking to whoever might be reviewing your profile.  

  • Be sure to include how you can help prospective clients. They want to know how you can help them... it's all about them, not you.  


  • Include a call to action. Ask them to do something... connect with you, send you an email, anything, but something. 


  • And of course, include the link to your business.


Now, go continue to get that profile in shape and then come back for Part 3 next week. Of course, if you have questions, please feel free to email me at


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