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Hidden Charges: Are You Guilty?


Hidden Charges: Are You Guilty???


I was chatting with my close friend yesterday who had gone to the doctor for her “wellness” exam which her insurance company encourages and covers at no charge each year. I think the idea is supposed to be that if they get you into the doctor for a regular check-up, things will be discovered when they are small and can be taken care of, before they turn into larger issues that are more costly.


At the end of her exam, the doctor told her everything looks great, keep on doing whatever it is you are doing and then asked "Do you have anything else I need to look at or that you are concerned about before we are finished." She said that she did have two funny little bumps on her upper arm she wanted him to look at… He did… and went out and got his nitrogen and froze them off, and said they were nothing to worry about but he took them off anyway to avoid chafing and rubbing…


Several weeks later, my friend got a bill from the doctor’s office for well over $200 for her “free” “wellness” exam, including a $75 charge for an office visit, etc. When she called the office, she was told that because the doctor “found” something he had to treat, it was no longer considered a covered “wellness” exam but a regular office visit and had to be charged accordingly. My friend was irate and said if this was the case, then the doctor should have told her when he said “is there anything else…”


In thinking about this, it set me to wondering about “hidden charges” one encounters frequently, and how irritated it makes one feel. And as a customer, how I note not to continue using that service and/or store ever again.


So, in looking at your business, be sure you are not doing the same thing… I will “give” you this, but to actually get the full benefit, you must also have Y and Z which costs $$$$. Always give value, in fact give extra value and real benefit without additional hidden charges and add-ons. Add-ons are not a problem, just be sure they are also providing additional extra value, not the only value.  


My prediction is that this will bring back to you much more than you give and provide you lifelong faithful clients and customers.


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