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Getting Started With Social Media Part 3: Sales Campaigns


As described in the previous two articles, the main assumption in this series of articles on Getting Started with Social Media is that you are using social media to increase your online visibility and more importantly, hoping to increase leads to your website and business.  


In the first article in this series we talked about How To Pick The Right Platform  to start with, and yes, pick only one to start with, get good on it, and then move on to the next one… And of course, the most important consideration in picking the right platform was identifying who exactly your target customer is. 


In the second article, 7 steps To Drive Leads, regardless of which platform you choose to go gangbusters on first, we outlined the general plan, which is pretty much the same in all cases. We concentrated largely on Facebook and LinkedIn in that article, since one of those is usually the first platform to go for, unless your product appeals only to those under 25, and/or largely female.


To recap the steps, they are:


    1.    Create your personal profile

    2.    Build your business company page, 

    3.    Join groups 

    4.    Post interesting valuable content 

    5.    Offer Deals And Discounts

    6.    Engage

    7.    Move the relationship offline


In this article, we will concentrate on step 5 above, offering deals and discounts. Future articles will address how-to on using FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc ads. and it is pretty easy to create a coupon and post it to your Facebook, LinkedIn etc. page…  


What we will discuss here is how to create a sales campaign and launch it from social media.


What Do I Mean By “Sales Campaign”?  


A sales campaign is a series of steps you want a prospect to take with an end goal in mind, that starts with some sort of post on social media.


Tips for Creating A Sales Campaign


  • Calls To Action (CTAs) Are Extremely Important

  • What Are You Saying That Is Compelling Enough To Make Them Want To Click?

  • What Is The Benefit To Your Viewer In Clicking? (WIIFM)

  • Does It Bring The Viewer Instant Gratification? (note - if you make them fill out a form with 20 fields before getting what they came for, they are going to refuse, and click away)

  • Give A Benefit Someone Would Normally Pay For

  • Give Your Best Work Away For Free In A Summary Form

  • Then your sales cycle can do the rest


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This means you create a landing page on your website where you collect 3-4 pieces of information at most (first and last name, email, and company), and then deliver what you promised. So, they enter the information, and either are taken to a page to download what they came for, be it a white paper, coupon, etc., or once entering the information, a message appears telling them an email has been sent delivering “the goods.”  


Your Sales Cycle Can Do The Rest - The Follow-up


Here is the second most important part (the first was getting them to click and fill out the info). After you have collected the information and have provided what you promised, then your sale cycle clicks in.  


This could be a series of pages that pop up on your website. Or an email drip campaign designed using an email autoresponder like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. This is much less effort than website pages for most people so my recommended mode.


Your sales cycle is that series of steps you take them through to become a customer: Here is an example:


Sample of Sales Cycle:  

•Day 0 – Here is The Report You Requested - This is the delivery of the promised item

•Day 1- Hope You Enjoyed The Report and As An Extra Bonus, Here Is A Link To A Video With More Tips

•Day 4 – Put In Testimonials On What Other People Are Saying

•Day 8 – Special Offer – Expires In 5 Days

•Day 14 – We Have Another Special Bonus..


1 CTA In Every Email and write as if you are writing to a friend, (who also happens to correspond to one of your customer avatars).. think of that specific person while writing the email.


Obviously, this type of sales campaign can be launched to your email list outside of social media as well, or the initial offer might be also posted in your newsletter too. But posting it on social media let’s you reach a whole new audience, which is the goal, right?


Let me know how this works for you. I love success stories.


If you have questions certainly reach out to me by phone or email .


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