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Facebook For Business Tips


Facebook For Business Tips


​Using Facebook for business is definitely different than using Facebook to interact with your friends and family. Even though you might be a “pro” at using Facebook to keep track of what’s going on with your friends, and keep them posted on what is happening with you, you might not understand and realize that the rules are waay different when using Facebook for business.


So here are my tips on using Facebook for business and common mistakes to avoid. Some may be obvious but they are worth mentioning, just in case…


Tips For Using Facebook For Business


1.How-to: Do not use a personal profile page as your Facebook business page. Facebook really frowns on this, and if they find out you are using a personal profile page as a business page they will remove it. That’s right, one day it will be there, and the next, it will be gone. Poof!  


The right way to use Facebook for business is to create your personal profile page. And then from your personal profile page, create your business page (which will then be linked to your personal profile page). The reason Facebook requires this is to verify as best they can that you are actually a real person associated with this business and the business is real, not a scam. To create your business page (fan page) from your personal profile page, click on the drop down menu in the upper right corner (the little downward triangle) and click “Create Page.”


2.Be Prudent: If you are using Facebook for business, do not put anything on your personal profile page that you do not want your father and grandmother to see. I have had clients that will post things in their personal profiles, or have conversations that could possibly be offensive to potential clients/customers. I am sorry to break it to you, but if you are using Facebook for business, then you must act professionally and responsibly whenever you are using Facebook, even when chatting with your best friend on your own personal page.  


People who are clients and/or potential clients will find you, will look at your personal profile page and see what you post. So no pictures of you as a two-fisted drinker, or using inappropriate language, or anything else that could be a problem with your clients. If this is too hard for you, then do not use Facebook for business, plain and simple.  


3.Respect Group Rules and Give:  Groups exist on Facebook for people with similar interests to exchange information and discuss relevant topics. If you are joining groups with the purpose of engaging with your clients/potential customers, then engage. This means offering valuable information. Offer comments and information that will enhance the conversation/discussion and that can help the people participating in the group.  


On Facebook, you need to give much more than sell, particularly in groups. If you are not going to provide value, then you are better off not participating in a group at all. If you are only there to sell, it will anger people rather than pull them toward you. And, you may even be asked to leave the group.  


A good rule of thumb, whether in a group, or posting on your own page is 85% value and not more than 15% sell. I actually like to limit selling to 5-10%. This is actually the rule of thumb I suggest for all social media. The best way to attract clients/customers is to let them see you really are interested in helping them.


4.Facebook Changes: Keep current on Facebook changes. Facebook, just like every other online venue, changes the rules frequently. They change what is allowed and what is not. They change their algorithm for deciding how much of what you post gets seen by whom. I know you have noticed that not all of your followers automatically get to see all of the content you post. Keeping current on announcements that Facebook makes will help you to take full advantage of using Facebook for business.  


5.Move it off Facebook: And finally, take your business relationships offline. Do not depend upon Facebook to always be there. Realize you are on borrowed land. Capture names and contact information of your followers so you will always have access to them. That way, whatever happens, you will not lose contact.


There are lots more helpful tips I can offer, like using the same profile picture on all of your social media sites, using images, limiting hashtag use, etc. For more Facebook help, and to keep current on changes, sign up for the AmpUrBiz monthly newsletter here. And reach out to me personally if you have any questions at

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