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Facebook Changes Part II - Fan Page Formatting Changes


They are at it again... all in the name of making things better for all of us.  


This time it's fan page format changes - read below to see what has changed.

Facebook Changes Part II - Fan Page Formatting Changes


Facebook Changes This Week


Facebook is changing the way your Pages look. The Page format changes will largely make your Fan Pages more closely resemble your profile changes. Some of you might have already noticed the changes. Here are the details:


New Formatting:


1. Page Wall Post Changes: Wall posts will be displayed in one single column. 


2. About Section Changes: This section will now be in a narrow column on the left of your page. This includes the information details about your business including any photos and videos specific to the about section.


3. Apps: Apps tabs appear under a “More” tab (like in Profiles) and the app thumbnails also appear in the left column further down (below the About Section, etc.)


4. Page Cover Image: Your profile picture has been moved a little higher on the cover photo so be sure it is not covering anything vital that it wasn’t covering before. Also the name and category appear right on the image in white text – so be sure it is readable. Nothing has changed as far as the cover photo dimensions which are 851 X 315 Pixels.


What goes away?  


1.  You won’t be able to feature content, such as images, in that nice double-wide view, 

since there is only one single column now for wall posts.


2.  The row of four tab thumbnails at the top are going away. 


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OK – so now you have what you need…. It is my job as AmpUrBiz to be here for you to help you grow your business.  


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