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Should I boost my post on facebook?


Facebook has made it a lot harder for businesses to get visibility for their posts without paying. They have done this by tweaking the algorithm that determines what your friends and followers see in their news feeds.


According to Facebook, there is just too much that is being posted now to show you everything that your friends and the pages you have liked and are following have posted; so therefore Facebook has taken it upon themselves to decide for you which are the things that are most relevant to you that you would prefer to see.


Funny that they have decided they know what is relevant to me since even I don’t know, and since what I deem important or interesting or entertaining is constantly changing.. Oh well - big brother knows best.

Anyway, back to the question at hand; Should I boost my post on Facebook. This question of course assumes you are using Facebook to promote your business. And once again the short answer is no.


Once Again The Answer Is No!

But wait you protest… you just told me that Facebook is not showing everything I post on my business page to everyone who has liked that page, or who follows it.. So, if I want my post to be seen by everyone, isn’t the natural conclusion to just go ahead and boost it to everyone who has liked my page? Nope!


Here is why. Boosting is the most expensive way to get your post seen by everyone who has liked your page. Yes, Facebook advertising is cheap, but although boosting is the easiest way to do it, it is not the least expensive. In fact boosting a post is the most expensive ad-type thing you can do on Facebook.


So.. Then What Should You Do?

Rather than boosting that post, just create an ad that is that very same post… same image, same text, etc. And then when you indicate audience, choose show to everyone who has liked your page. Same thing you would have done with a boost - but guess what - the costs are less!  


So for a little more effort (you have to create the ad with the same content as you already created in the post), you end up with the same result at less cost. Less cost is good! And yes, advertising on Facebook can be good, just not a post boost.


Added Benefits of Doing This

Here is the added benefit of creating the ad that mimics your post content. You can also do some A/B testing - try 2 different images, or 2 different titles, as examples, and see which gets you the largest number of click thus, as an example. You can do this with an ad, all within the same budget, and get same feedback on what works best in the process.  


Another suggestion might be, as long as you are creating an ad, to try showing it to people that have liked a competitors page, rather than your own.. Very Interesting !!!!!


Oh, by the way, back to your posts, don’t forget if you want, you can always pin your post to the top of your page. It stays pinned at the top for a week.

If you have additional questions on Facebook, or social media period, shoot me an email at I am always happy to help out by answering questions, and if it is a question I think theirs might have as well, you just might see it in an upcoming article.


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