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Increase Website Visibility 3 Easy Steps


The Customer Is King


I know you have heard this phrase before, and usually the context is with customer support; whatever the customer says is right, etc. However, I am using this well-worn phrase differently. I am using it in a marketing context.


Start With The Basics


Before you ever begin any type of marketing, whether, print or online; before you ever begin any type of branding, website look and feel, logos, tag lines, etc., you need to be sure you are thinking about your customers. Yes, you do need to know who your customers are; and it’s not “everyone.”

Be Your Customer


I am speaking in much broader terms though. I mean, you actually need to get into the head of your customers, and “be your customers.”


I was reminded of this yesterday while I was teaching a workshop. The workshop was on online visibility and tips for increasing your business’s online visibility. (If you’d like to attend one of these workshops, check out the workshop schedule on the website - they are intense, jam-packed with things to do).


One of the first things I always recommend (and one of the first things I always do when working with a client), is to do some online searches, as if I were a customer of that business. I think of the potential search phrases a customer might enter into a browser search if they were looking for that business.


Step 1: Identify The Right Search Phrases


So, what I am referring to as far as proper search phrases is not your company name or even your own name. I am referring to phrases that describe the product and services you offer, and the value they bring. Examples might be:


  • Brake Repair

  • Fast Brake Repair

  • Affordable Car Brake Repair

  • Affordable Car Brake Repair in Murrieta

  • Best Car Brake Repair Shop in Murrieta


As you can see, I am in the head of the customer, I am the customer, doing a search for a solution to my problem; doing a search for what I need and want. Most likely, it is one of the last 2 searches on the list above that gives the customer the results they are looking for. The first 3 are too general and might provide results in a different City or State or even list bicycle brake repair results.


The key, then for your business, is to come up with the right searches that your customer would be using, and to make a list of them. This means different searches for every product and service, with different descriptive words (best, affordable fast, easy, high-quality, painless, sweet, delicious, healthy, etc.) These adjectives (descriptive keywords) encompass the value you offer - so when thinking about them, be thinking not only of what your customer might be using in a search, but also the things that set your product/service apart - your differentiators.


Step 2: Prioritize Your Search Phrase List


Now that you have a list, which might be really long if you have multiple products and services like the above car repair has, or you work in multiple cities or states, or your service has different uses, it is important to prioritize the list to tame “overwhelm.”


There might be different ways of prioritizing your list. Examples might be based upon which products and services net you the highest profit, which bring in customers who might do repeat business with you,which are in your more desired customer-type or geography, etc.  


Another way to prioritize is to look at demand; how often people search for that particular phrase. A good tool to help with the prioritization by search demand is Google Adwords, which is a free tool. With Google Adwords, you can enter in the search phrase, and see how often monthly that phrase is searched for (on Google, of course) and what the competition is for that phrase, meaning how many websites satisfy that search phrase. Goge will rank the competition low, medium, and high.  


I always recommend looking for phrases that have a lot of searches monthly with low competition.


Step 3: Add Content To Your Website


The third step in the process is to add content to your website for each of these specific search phrases. Specifically, this means adding an individual page to your website for each of the different search phrases. The page needs to be a minimum of 400 words, with an image, and the page content needs to be about that search phrase. This is so the search engines can see your website has content about that search phrase and therefore is a valid result to present for that search phrase.


I know this seems like a lot of work,, but it will be worth it in helping to increase your online visibility


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