About AmpUrBiz

We work with entrepreneurs who are struggling with marketing and how to grow their business....


And help them to really Amp Up and Electrify their visibility.


Most of our clients see a 10X growth in new customer business.


Did you know.....


69% of small businesses survive at least 2 years


44% of new firms survive at least 4 years


31% survive at least 7 years


We help you go past survival to huge growth.. Try us out now!

Working with small and mid-sized companies for over 30 years, the AmpUrBiz team is passionate about helping small entrepreneurs. Your success is our success. We are not a one-size-fits-all company.  We tailor a solution unique to your business, leveraging both traditional and digital media to bring fast results.


Prior to opening AmpUrBiz, I earned a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics.  While still working towards my degree, I began my career in technology at the IBM Scientific Center, working on new technologies and future products for IBM.  And I have been interested in technology ever since.

About ten years in, my career took a turn from the technical side of the house towards sales and marketing, oddly enough, again at IBM.  And from that point forward, I have steadily worked with small and mid-sized companies, understanding their business models and pain, and helping them to find unique ways to increase their company revenues and sales.


It's an interesting blend, sales and marketing on one hand, and technology on the other.  But how fitting for the times that we live in.  My mathematics background helps me bring great analysis skills to your business, and my years and years of successful sales and marketing lends a keen awareness to getting at the heart of what is important to help your business grow. Add in an attention to detail and a desire for fast results, and you have AmpUrBiz.


The team at AmpUrBiz brings the skills you need, combining expertise in search engine optimization and social media, website creation, traditional sales and marketing, business planning, and PR and advertising, to take your business to the next level.  We are geared towards fast results and quick start programs.  We love helping small businesses succeed. 


Now, most importantly, how can we help you?

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