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Bodacious Blogging: 5 Tips

Bodacious Blogging: 5 Tips On Making Writing Articles Easy

I teach a lot of courses and workshops. One of the most popular is getting started with blogging. A lot of people hate writing. Just faced with coming up with the topic of an article can be a daunting task.


But, blogging is really important. There are 3 reasons why:

1. It is the way you establish yourself as an expert in your field. 


2. It is also a way to provide valuable information to your clients and potential clients that they want and need. This invokes trust.


3. Your blog articles will provide you content to post out to social media to drive traffic back to your website and your business.



So what are ways to come up with great blog article topics that will interest your clients and make them want to click and read?


1. It’s not about you. Get inside the head of your clients and think about what worries them. What do they lie awake in bed at night 

thinking about? Hint – it’s not about your products or services. Here is an example: I am a house painter: My potential clients worry 



a. How do I find someone reliable? 

b. Can I afford this?

c. How do I pick the right color?

d. What if I hate the color?

e. Do I need a painting contractor, or can I hire a handyman?

As you can see, anyone of these ideas would make a perfect blog article


2.  More ideas: You customers are in pain: Offer relief.  Or answer your customer’s questions. Create a FAQ article. And then later you can take each question and build it into a separate article as well.


3.  Write How To Articles.  Or How Not To. Use the numbers 3,5,and 7. They are magic in getting your articles read.

4.  Write the unexpected: Example:


a. Top 7 Ways To Lose Customers. 

b. Top 7 Ways to Gain Weight. 

c. Top 7 Ways To Lose Money As A Small Business. 


All of these topics are the opposite of what you normally see posted; how to gain customers, lose weight, and make money.


5.  Tie in a current event, a holiday, the weather. Leverage someone else’s thoughts – an industry leader as an example who already wrote an article where you can paraphrase that article giving credit to the author of course, and then render your own thoughts and opinions. Using statistics, polls, and research is also a good way to create an article. Example: Statistics released today say “….” And then write your article about this – pro or con.




· Variety Gets Noticed

· Title The Article To Grab Attention

· Keep The Article Short: 500-700 words is ideal (no less than 300 words for SEO)

· Use At Least One Attention-Grabbing Image

· Write in Bite-Sized Chunks: No paragraphs that are longer than 2-3 sentences. This makes it much easier for your     reader to digest.   It also makes the article look more inviting to read. No one is looking to read an encyclopedia           while they are online.

· Focus Your Article Around a Keyword or Keyword Phrase and use that phrase a few times in the article.

· Write As You Would Speak. 

· Don’t Use Technical Terms; Jargon you are familiar with, but your audience may not be. Write in simple everyday     language.


Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have questions to want to run some blog article ideas by me.  


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