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How To Blog To Drive Business


One of the most valuable things you can do to boost your business online visibility is to blog.  


How does it work?


  • You put your blog on your website.  

  • You write articles targeted toward your ideal customers with valuable content.  

  • You post links to the articles out to social media.  

  • People (your ideal customers) click and come to your website to read them.  

  • Voila! They find out about your business, and, 

  • As a bonus you get google juice points for the inbound links to your website. This helps you rank higher on searches.

So, now that you understand how blogging drives business and why it’s do or die, here is how to blog:


5 Must-Do Blog Tips On How To Blog To Drive Business


1) WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT:  If you have a business blog you should be targeting your ideal customer; your ideal reader. In other words, get into your customer’s head and think about what they would like you to write about; what they would like to read.


This means if you are a mortgage banker, talk about loans, qualifying, refinancing, etc. If you sell a food product then talk about recipe and serving ideas and nutrition. If you are a personal trainer, then talk about fitness and longevity, and proper ways to exercise. The people that read your blog expect that you are an expert in your field with unique information and knowledge. This is what they expect to find on your blog. 


2) MAKE IT EASY ON YOUR READER. Make things easy and enjoyable to read. Use a light-colored background with dark, easy-to-read, larger rather than smaller font.  


Break up thoughts into digestible pieces - two or three sentence in each paragraph. Break it up with interesting images. And write as if you were having a one-on-one conversation. Do not use industry terms that people may not be familiar with. So Step 2 of how to blog to drive business; Make it easy for your readers.


3. GRAB ATTENTION:  Use a title that will hook your audience. Something unexpected or different, 

something with humor perhaps. You can write the best, most informative articles, but if the title and your post teaser are boring, then they will never get read. So Step 3 of how to blog to drive business; Attention-Grabbing title.


4. FIRST PARAGRAPH IS KEY:  After the title, your opening statement and first paragraph are the most important. It will determine whether your readers will bother to read the rest  of the article. And more importantly, they will remember it if it is worthwhile and good.  


The middle of your article is the least important. It will most likely not be remembered. So

Step 4 of how to blog to drive business; Provide great information in the first paragraph.


5.  END WITH A QUESTION:  The end of your article is very important as well. People will remember the end of your article. A question that ask people to respond in some way, provide an opinion, relate an experience, etc. will be more engaging to your readers than 


  Even if they do not actually respond and comment on your blog, you will get them thinking about what you said and their opinion or related experience. This make your blog article memorable (according to the psychology and advertising experts.) So Step 5 of how to 


Remember that the main goal of your business blog is to get people to read your articles, visit your blog (which needs to be physically on your website), get familiar with you and your business, keep you and your business top of mind, and establish you as an expert in your field. And drive more business.


Now you get why it’s blog or die, right?  


If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me at, either with questions directly, or to set up a free phone consult.


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