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My husband and I ride our bicycles every day to get exercise, take care of ourselves, burn calories, being at the time of life where just existing seems to put on weight.  We also ride to relieve stress. We ride a lot of hills and I always sweat (oh, I am a woman, so I guess I don’t sweat, I “glisten”).  

As I push up a hill, I can feel my breathing get harder and my heart working. 


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Are we shocked?  No!   Does it happen all the time?  Yes!

Does it impact who sees your posts in their news feeds?  Yes!

So here’s the change – and what you need to do starting now to take advantage of it


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I really like ice cream.  It might even be my favorite food.  And double dip ice cream cones are one of my loves.  But when companies double dip to earn more revenues, at my expense, I usually stop doing business with them.

I just finished reading an article in the paper about a new "product" that AT&T is introducing. 

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I love shoes.  I cannot explain why.  My mother tells me that my father loved shoes, which is kind of unusual for a man, I think, or at least more unusual than for a woman.  So maybe I inherited the trait, who knows?   So this is probably why a recent article in the paper about Zappos caught my eye.  In case you are not familiar with Zappos,   Zappos, is an online shoe retailer.  At least, if you asked me what Zappos is, this is what I would say.  And if you asked me what I would guess the Zappos mission statement is, I might say it’s to sell a million trillion dollars worth of shoes.

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I was chatting with my close friend yesterday who had gone to the doctor for her “wellness” exam which her insurance company encourages and covers at no charge each year.  I think the idea is supposed to be that if they get you into the doctor for a regular check-up, things will be discovered when they are small and can be taken care of, before they turn into larger issues that are more costly.  But....

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Being able to deliver a good “elevator pitch” is probably one of the most important marketing skills that a business person can possess in today’s competitive market. A strong elevator pitch will make you much more likely to attract new business or capital, while a lousy one is almost certainly going to lose you that potential. Yet for some reason, this powerful tool is often under-utilized and misunderstood. Here are some guidelines for developing a powerful elevator pitch.

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There is a lot of traffic out there and tons of noise.   In today’s struggling economy the business world has become even more dog-eat-dog than it had been in the years before the recession. If your business does not develop a new set of survival skills, you may be in real danger of being eliminated by the competition. That is why now more than ever it is crucial that you know your competitors and use that knowledge against them! 

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