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Last week, in Part 1, we discussed why it is important to optimize your LinkedIn™ profile and we began the process.  


Today, we are going to focus on the Summary section of your LinkedIn™ profile.  This section is the second most important section of your profile, with your headline, as we discussed in Part 1, being the first.


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LinkedIn™, if not the favorite, is certainly in my top 3 favorite social media. The only reason it is not always on top is because depending upon who I am trying to target, for example 18 to 25-yr-olds who are artists, as an example, there might be another site that would rank higher for a specific audience.  


However, if you are using social media to drive leads to your business website and to drive more revenue, LinkedIn™ is generally very beneficial for most businesses.  


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Just as sometimes my clients are loathe to use social media because they feel their privacy will be somehow violated, or infringed upon, I often run into clients who do not want a personal head shot posted on their social media platforms, or in their website About Us page.  


They say “Can I just use my logo in my profiles, rather than my personal picture?”  After all, I am using this for business.”  “I am a private person.”

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Welcome back!   This article is a continuation of Part 1 in this series we published last week. Hopefully, you did as I suggested and implemented the items outlined in Part 1.  If so, your online visibility has most likely improved dramatically already.

COSTLY MISTAKE #3: Using a freebie email account.  I cannot tell you how many business owners I run into who have standard freebie email addresses like  What does this tell me?

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Before I go ahead with listing these mistakes, let me say that most of these are very easy to fix.  And let me say that these items are important to pay attention to whether you are creating a new business website, or whether you have had one for a while.


The business world today, and particularly the online business world is vastly different than it was just 2 years ago.

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This is the third article in the series on answering questions commonly posed to me by clients or during live workshops I give.  The first 2 articles are:


  • I Don’t Need a Website; Can’t I Just Use Facebook?


  • Can I Copy Stuff Off The Web and Use It On My Blog?


This article also addresses a question I get all the time.  And it really comes down to being clear on personal use of social media versus business use.

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As described in the previous two articles, the main assumption in this series of articles on Getting Started with Social Media is that you are using social media to increase your online visibility and more importantly, hoping to increase leads to your website and business.  

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This is not KISS

I know what you are thinking.  You have heard over and over, use the KISS (Keep Things Simple Stupid) principle.  This is not what this article is about.  It’s not about gearing things to the lowest common denominator, or at a second grade level.

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Rather than write a lengthy article about the do’s and don’ts of marketing and what you can do now to make 2016 a killer year, I’ve put this information together in quiz form.  Consider your business’s online marketing position as you read each of the following:


1. 96% of computer owners search online for a local business. 


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I think, without too much convincing, that most business-owners would agree that having online visibility is desirable.  You probably will find those that do not think it is of utmost importance, but all would probably agree it cannot hurt.   

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