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This is a question I get asked frequently.  “So, I have a full-time job to do already.  If I have ½ hour a day to dedicate to social media, what should I do with that time?”


Of course you have a full-time job… you are running a business, which means you are making business decisions regarding direction and growth; and most likely, as a small to mid-sized business entrepreneur, you are also probably involved in the day-to-day activities in the business that keep it running as well. 


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This topic is one that usually elicits huge groans from the audience when I am giving a workshop on using social media to drive business.


People do not seem to have a problem with creating a business presence on social media, or posting their offers or informative blog article links, but when I mention getting on social media to chat with people or to respond to comments or items their customers find interesting, people’s eyes usually glaze over.


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Just as sometimes my clients are loathe to use social media because they feel their privacy will be somehow violated, or infringed upon, I often run into clients who do not want a personal head shot posted on their social media platforms, or in their website About Us page.  


They say “Can I just use my logo in my profiles, rather than my personal picture?”  After all, I am using this for business.”  “I am a private person.”

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This is the 5th article in this Questions Series of articles where I answer the most commonly asked questions I get from customers and workshop attendees.  This article addresses the statement and question I often hear; “I Don’t Like Social Media.  Why Do I Have To Use It For My Business?  And the short answer is because IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! 

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This is the 4th article in the Questions Series, where I am answering questions I get from my clients.  I figure if they want to know, you must want to know as well.  This article is about establishing relationships and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.  And in short, one article does not an expert make.

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This is the third article in the series on answering questions commonly posed to me by clients or during live workshops I give.  The first 2 articles are:


  • I Don’t Need a Website; Can’t I Just Use Facebook?


  • Can I Copy Stuff Off The Web and Use It On My Blog?


This article also addresses a question I get all the time.  And it really comes down to being clear on personal use of social media versus business use.

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This is the second article in the series of articles I am writing on commonly asked questions people ask me.  The first one had to do with Why Do I Need a Website?  I’ll Just Use Facebook.  


This question on can I copy “stuff” from the website usually comes in the form of two different questions.  The first is can I use pictures I find online and the second is can I use other blog articles I find and post them.

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I Don’t Need A Website; I’ll Just Use Facebook. I have heard this phrase so often now, that it just makes me want to scream. “What’s wrong with you?  Really?  Are you an idiot?  


And then when I calm down, I just say to myself; “It’s Okay.  It’s only because she doesn’t know any better.”


So, I decided it was a good idea, rather than just speak with one person about this, that it might be better write an article about it.

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One of the most valuable things you can do to boost your business online visibility is to blog.  


How does it work?

  • You put your blog on your website.  

  • You write articles targeted toward your ideal customers with valuable content.  

  • You post links to the articles out to social media.  


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In the past 2 weeks, in Part 1, we discussed why it is important to optimize your LinkedIn™ profile and we began the process. Then in Part 2, we concentrated on your profile Summary section and how to grab attention.


Today, we are going to focus on the remaining sections of your LinkedIn™ profile and the remaining steps necessary to put your best business foot forward.

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