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VIDEO: 4 EASY Social Media Marketing Tips To Increase Your Online Visibility

Today I want to take 5 minutes and help you PowerUP and Get More Business using social media. This is good because we all want more business. And we all also know social media is important. If you don’t use social media and your business is not visible on the internet, you are losing out on sales, essentially giving money to the competition.


So, with this video, I am going to focus on social media and give you 4 tips that you can use regardless of which social media platforms you are using for your business. And these tips will work for any business type.


So, here we go:


Tip # 1: Change your cover photo.  


Most platforms feature a cover photo; 


Facebook has one on your personal profile and one on your business page.  Twitter has a header cover image; LinkedIn has a background image behind your profile as well as one on your business page and each product page; Pinterest Boards all feature cover images. And so on.


So let’s say you are havng a sale, offering a coupon, having an event, launching a new product, or you are a realtor with a new listing, as a few examples. So why not change your cover image to reflect what it is you are featuring? Be bold and make it clear… 


And here is why this is great idea. The majority of the social media platforms notify your followers when you change your cover image. So think about it. You change your Facebook personal profile image to feature your newest listing or your upcoming event. And all of your friends and followers are immediately notified you have changed it.  Voila - 100% reach. And of course, you do the same for the image on your business page.


Facebook is making it harder and harder for businesses to get their posts seen by their followers without paying. And they will most likely continue to tweak their algorithm to encourage businesses to pony up. So why not change your cover image and get noticed?


LinkedIn too, notifies connections when you make changes to your profile - so why not make use of this feature?


All you have to do now is to get good at creating wonderful images.


Tip #2: A Cool Image Tool. 

Which leads us to An Easy Way To Create the Right-Sized Image for All The Different Platforms.  


Creating multiple sizes of a single image optimized for different social platforms can be kind of a drag as they used to say, and a time-consuming task. As an example, when I create a landscape image for my blog that is also shared to Facebook and Twitter, I need to resize it as a square image for Instagram, and then as a portrait image for Pinterest. Or risk having part of it cropped automatically.  


And of course, it’s usually the most important part that gets the chop, like part of a phone number or something. I can’t even tell you how much time I have wasted trying to fix my images so they display properly every where.


And then, a magic tool appeared in my life; Canva. Canva is a great tool anyway for creating and editing images. But, there is a wonderful magic resize button. It gives you the capability to create multiple size images for different platforms with just one click. 


There are almost 50 image types to choose from, and once you choose which image sizes to generate, just click “Abracadabra – Resize” and your new images open in separate tabs.


One note is that it’s not absolutely perfect - sometimes you have to do a little tweaking, but it does do 95% of the work… I think that’s worth it!

Image Size Problem solved! Now what are you going to do with all that time you just saved?

Tip #3: Pin Your Post on Facebook and Twitter

Of course you will continue regular posts to your chosen social media platforms. And there are some posts you are posting that probably are more important than others, like the ones described above where you are featuring a coupon, offer, sale, event, or new listing.


So, how about Pinning your post? In both Facebook and Twitter you can pin a post. 


 What does this mean, pin a post? If you pin a post, then it stays at the very top of your page. So, when people look at your page, the post that you pin is the first one they see. So why not do this? 


On Facebook, a post stays pinned for a week. On Twitter, longer.

Tip #4: Post More Images. 

This seems like a no-brainer to me by this time, but that’s me. So, this tip is simply, post more images. In fact, do not ever ever post without an image, regardless of platform. They all allow images. And many of them favor posts with images (and yes, videos are even better.)


But the most important fact to consider is that your audience favors images. Images are eye-catching, Scroll down a list of potential posts to read, and the images will catch attention way before someone has time to read the title.


Plain fact; images get more shares on Facebook and more retweets on Twitter. 


And just because you find an image you like online, it is not yours to use. The internet does not mean “it’s public and you can go ahead and use it for your own purposes.” Actually quite the opposite is true.


If you find an image you like online, you must either ask permission to use it, if you can find the owner - and get that permission in writing, or forget it. Better yet, take your own photoos - after all, you have a camera on your phone - how convenient is that.  


Or license images from image sites that allow you to license them. And beware of free image sites.. There are always limitiations on how and where and how long you can use these “free” images. So better to avoid them and pay. It’s usually really cheap. I use one that is less than $1 per image. One less thing to toss and turn about at night. 


Okay - so that’s 4 EASY Tips to get you more social media traffic and leads. If you have questions, or you’d like to schedule a free consult, reach out to me at  


Now, PowerUP Your social media and Grow Your Business!!


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