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Sample Rave Reviews 
Larry Hays: "Great seminar today in Temecula. Helene gave so much information and how to practically apply it to create a social media strategy for your business. Now that I have the information, all I need to do is apply it to my business. Thank you Helene."
Suzanne Toussaint: "I had the pleasure of taking the course presented by Helene on marketing and social media. She has great knowledge of this subject and I very much liked the way the class was presented. Thank you so much Helene."
And from another attendee: "Your presentation this morning in Redlands was terrific! Heard positive comments and watched dozens of pens scribbling notes onto your slide handout....  "
Louis Pontarelli: "I had the pleasure of attending a very informative course regarding Facebook marketing presented by Helene Berren yesterday. The information was informative and applicable to the projects I will be working on in the immediate future.  Thanks, Helene."
How To Build An Online Presence
Getting Found Online: Page 1 Search Results
Online Visibility
Terry Bibbens:  "it was outstanding and extremely useful to anyone interested in increasing their business through social media marketing."
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Jan 25   How To Build An Online Presence                 Corona 9 to 11AM

Feb 28   Online Advertising                                               Murrieta 9 to 11AM

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Online Ads and Sales Campaigns: Using Online Advertising
You know you want to advertise online, but what is the best platform – is it Yelp, Google or Social media, like Facebook? 

And how do you optimize your ad to get the biggest bang for your buck.

This workshop will compare the platforms:  
Explain Do and Don’ts and How-To's.
And divulge some Google Adwords Secrets To Success

It will also cover how to optimize your Yelp listing, and your Google Business Listing as part of doing advertising on these platforms.  

If you are contemplating online advertising, this workshop is a must

Live Workshops Schedule

Online Visibility Is The Number One Requirement To Grow Your

You will come out of this workshop knowing exactly what
you need to do to skyrocket your online visibility. 

We will cover:
How To Target Your Potential Customers and Get Their Attention
How To Stand Out From The Competition
How To Drive More Traffic To Your Website and Business
How To Maximize Your Website For Visibility
How To Be On Page One On Google Search
How To Take Advantage of Online Directories like Yelp, Google
How To Use Social Media To Market Your Business 

This is a workshop you don't want to miss!