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Why Doesn’t My Website Come Up When People Search Online?

by Helene Berren on 09/25/16

I Have A Website; So Why Can’t People Find It (and me) When They Search?

Being found online when someone searches for what you offer, products or services, is certainly desirable, particularly coming up on page 1 or 2 of search results. And of course, the goal is to have this happen without paying for an ad.  

And actually, this has become “big business” with many companies offering services to “put you on page 1 for a fee” - not the search engine companies, but 3rd-parties who offer to ensure you results.  All you need to do is to pay them monthly, and voila!

So, Why is this so difficult?  And why if you have a website, does it not show up when people search?  Read More.

Should I boost my post on facebook?

by Helene Berren on 09/02/16

Facebook has made it a lot harder for businesses to get visibility for their posts without paying.  They have done this by tweaking the algorithm that determines what your friends and followers see in their newsfeed.

According to Facebook, there is just too much that is being posted now to show you everything that your friends and the pages you have liked and are following have posted; so therefore Facebook has taken it upon themselves to decide for you which are the things that are most relevant to you that you would prefer to see. Read More.

4 Social Media Tips You Can Use Right Now

by Helene Berren on 08/25/16

Today I want to take 5 minutes and help you PowerUP and Get More Business using social media.   This is good because we all want more business.  And we all also know social media is important.  If you don’t use social media and your business is not visible on the internet, you are losing out on sales, essentially giving money to the competition.

So, with this video, I am going to focus on social media and give you 4 tips that you can use regardless of which social media platforms you are using for your business.  And these tips will work for any business type.   Read More

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