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Helene Berren AmpUrBiz Marketing and Online Visibility Coach
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More Leads. More Customers. More Revenue
Achieve Fast Results At Low Cost.
We offer both self-paced online on-demand workshop courses as well as personalized consulting and implementation.  Do it yourself, or we can do it for you.

You are great at running your business. We are great at increasing your sales through marketing; the best marketing company in Riverside County and the Temecula Valley.

We will listen to your business goals and then identify, create, and implement phased and measurable stimulating marketing and social media strategies so you can focus on your core business and what you love doing. 

We focus on both online and digital presence as well as increasing your local visibility to increase customer awareness of your business and drive more traffic to your website.  We will also help strengthen your branding.,  It's not about how many Facebook likes you have, or LinkedIn connects, or Twitter followers, it's about more customers and more sales

We offer online learning courses, personalized plans and one-on-one service tailored to your needs.
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Time is Money:

We have clients who, within 3 months, are seeing their business revenues double, and then continue to double month after month.

Can you afford to wait??  Waiting is Really Expensive!

Gaining Just One Client Who Brings In $500 monthly revenue can add $6000 a year to your business.
Now multiply by 10!  or more

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 Did you know.....  when searching
 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on  the organic results.
 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.   
 So, where do you need to be???
Marketing Services We Offer Are All Geared With One Goal In Mind; Driving More Business To You.  The Areas We Specialize in Include: Website Creation and Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Increasing Online Visibility, Blogging and Content Marketing, Online Ad and Sales Campaigns
Social Media Consulting Services AmpUrBiz
Website Design and Enhancement
Branding, Targetting Customers, Sales Campaigns
webinar launches, using webinars to boost your Business
We work with entrepreneurs who know online visibility is key, 
but do not have the time, nor the knowledge,
and need to grow their business now... 

We help them to really Amp Up and Electrify their visibility and drive leads.

Most clients see a minimum of 700% increase in new customers.
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Online Visibility and Social Media Marketing

More Leads. More Customers. More Revenue
It's not about how many followers or likes you have; it's about increasing sales. 

The purpose of using social media for business is to expand the awareness of your business, attract the attention of potential clients and drive more traffic to your website, with the end result of increasing sales.  

We can help with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, and more.  We also specialize in Blogging and Content Marketing. 

Whether you want to do it yourself and need to learn how, want training and guidance for your team, or whether you'd like us to do it for you, we can help.  Click Here For More Info.
Your website is the window to your business.  Your website needs to immediately grab people's attention, tell them what you do, and why they should do business with you, all within the first 5-8 seconds.  

And your website needs to make it easy for people to contact you and do business with you,

Of course, beyond this, your website provides all of the information your clients might need on the products and services you offer and about you and your business.

Most importantly, your website must be optimized so that your business gets found online when people search for the products and services you offer. Click Here For More Info.
Branding helps you stand apart and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Branding consists of your logo and colors and the business look and feel you want to convey.  Is it modern, leading edge, traditional, stylish, comfortable, competent, knowledgeable, etc?

One of the most important parts of your branding is your tagline. Your tagline should differentiate you from your competitors and make you stand out in people's minds.  It should be easy to remember and spark something in the imagination of your potential clients.  It should implicitly convey the benefit of doing business with you.

One of the things we specialize in is helping businesses gel their branding. For More Information, Click Here.
Online ads, whether ads on social media, or through Google or Yelp, as examples, are a great boon to business and one of the huge benefits of the internet age we live in. Prior to online ads, advertising through print media, television, or radio were the only options, and all are very expensive.

Today, we are fortunate to have the gift of relatively inexpensive advertising options through online ad platforms and social media.  All of these options have huge potential reach at pretty low costs.

With this gift however, comes the onus to understand what the best options are for online ads and sales campaigns and structuring them properly.  Click Here For More Info.
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